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[For Job Seekers] Recruitment Registration Form

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Terms and conditions

  • [1.About the agreement for use]

    1. Our company (be called LinkStaff Inc as below) provides the agreement for use and applies this for all the services (relating service below) that our company provides in relation to this site.
    2. In this rule, it is considered that you (be called user as below) agree to the content at the time when using this site, and assumed to be the applied one.
    3. Our company might revise this rule without a previous notice. The revised rule will be published on this site, please refer to the latest agreement for use when you use it.
  • [2.Prohibited matter]

    1. The user does not act of corresponding to the following when using this site and the relation service.
    2. It offends public order and morals.
    3. Relate criminality or act of violating a statute.
    4. Involve some invasion of privacy, trust, the property of intellectual owner in our company or the third party, other users. And, all acts of giving the disadvantage to other users, third party or our company.
    5. Slander other users, third party or our company.
    6. Election activity or similar act to this.
    7. Solicitation activity of specific religion or similar act to this.
    8. Business operation that our company has not approved or similar act to this.
    9. Transmit or write a harmful computer program or spam mail, chain letter, etc.
    10. Reprint such as information that our company offers, content of bulletin boards without permission and re-distributions, and analyses.
    11. Additionally, the act our company considered that is inadequacy.
  • [3.Registration of individual information]

    1. The false return is not admitted at all for all items of registered information when the user registers individual information in the menu of this site.
    2. All individual information is strictly protected based on the privacy policies. However, registered information such as transmission means of various services (e-mail magazine etc.) on this site is likely to use as a means of the report from the site. Moreover, it is likely to refer as marketing data of our company or the support enterprise after doing the statistical procedure, so that the individual is not specified.
  • [4.Guarantee of content]

    Our company doesnot guarantee to completeness, accuracy, and utility about information is offered by user or service, information provided by this site, serving relation.

  • [5.Belonging of right]

    1. The industrial property, the trademark right, the writer personal right, the writer personal right, copyright related to all information (all of the article, the data base, the portrait, the trademark, the mark, and the expression, etc.) offered by this site and serving the relation, all other intellectual property right and knowhow belongs to the person who has the legitimate right such as our company or writers of the article etc.
    2. Our company might compose again , quote, edit information that the user offered to this site without a prior notification to the user. The user doesn't protest against this in any way. And about information that the user offered to this site, our company doesn't owe the obligation of the edit by the demand of the person in question and other members.
  • [6.Discontinuance, temporary stop, change in content of service]

    Our company might not continue or temporary stop relating sevice, this site or change the content of this site without previous notice to the user. Our company doesn't assume the responsibility at all about damage that the third party suffered or discontinuance, stop, change that user originates in this.

  • [7.Immunity]

    1. Beside the case that depends on our deliberation or gross negligence, neither our company nor the writer of the article assume all the responsibilities about damage (body, mental, and property damage is included) that third party or user suffered after using this service, information which is offered through this site, relating service irrespective of the cause.
    2. Our company doesn't assume responsibilities at all in case all or a part of services are imperfect or is not completely offered, the connection is difficult or impossible in this site.

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