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Privacy policy

Link Staff Co., Ltd (hereinafter "linkstaff") regards privacy of "linkstaff" users (hereinafter "user"), users personal information (base on the following definition) will be treated with the strictest confidence.

[Personal Information]

Personal information means the information that can distinguish the users by registered names, addresses, telephone numbers, mail addresses, work places, dates of birth and etc. Even if it is NOT able to distinguish the user by the information mentioned above, by the other information that could be the result to verify the identity of user, means personal information.

[Purpose of acquisition of personal information]

The acquisition of personal information and the purpose of use are as follow.

  1. Members service to users on "linkstaff" website which provided by linkstaff, and the verification of users' information.
  2. Base on the agreement of users that allow linkstaff to open users information for medical organization.

[The disclosure of personal information to third party]

Disclosure of personal information would NOT happen without agreement of the user by principle.Only having the agreement of user that disclose his/her personal information, while the medical organization and the information is specified.However, the circumstances below is NOT illegal that users' personal information will be disclosed without users' agreement might occur.

  1. The individual will be released when it is requested by the organization that has the authority like consumer affairs bureau, Bar association, police, Public prosecutors office, Court.
  2. When it is requested to show to the third party by the people in question user .
  3. Providing service for users the person which reasonable judge would be held by linkstaff.


For the circumstances below, Linkstaff is NOT taking any responsibilities regarding the acquisition of personal information by third party.

  1. Users who made his/her personal information open to designated medical organization on his/her own, NOT linkstaff.
  2. Without specification of the person by chance regarding to the registered information.

[Correction or deletion of personal information]

Users are able to edit or delete personal information which is registered on Link Staff website anytime.

Link Staff Co. Ltd.
Executive Director Yasuaki Sugita
20 July 2010

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