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Link Staff Co., Ltd.

Updated: 2015/05/25

Medical doctors

  • Permenant / Full-time
  • Contract

Link Staff Co., Ltd was established in December, 1992. Since then, Link Staff has kept the 1st position of Medical career support market over 20 years. Our company has received recruiting requests from almost all the municipalities where need medical doctors. Link staff concluded that bringing in overseas doctors can be the only solution for this recent shortage of medical doctors. Link staff is the sole company that supports overseas doctors as well as Japanese doctors currently and closes around 50 matchings between overseas doctors and hospitals annually.

●Number of medical job openings 31,358
●Number of registered doctors 3,541
●Number of closed contracts 17,221
●Number of dispatched hospitals 8,999 (As of 2011)

Job Summary Medical services
Overseas d...
Requirements Person who has a medical licen...
Linguistic level
English Business level
Japanese Business level
Working location Medical hospitals and institut...
Salary Once you obtain Japanese medic...
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1 Displaying 1-1 of 1 results

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