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Employment problem - That's why JobsWorld support program

Programs for Job-seekers

Online Career Consultation

JobsWorld personal consulting staff (Japanese/Chinese/Korean) answers your questions and concerns by email.

Job interview tips

This service offers helpful information for job interview with sample interview questions and attractive personnel examples.

Approach for Head-hunting

You will receive more job offers from employers if you fill out the items which employers have their eyes on.

  • Job category
  • Qualification
  • Work experience
  • Desired work location

Programs for Employers

Screening Process support

  • Acting for the first selection process = Screening
  • Japanese language skill (e.g. text formation skill).
  • Act over the job interview set up.
  • Act over the secondary selection set up.
  • Interpretation at the job interview.

Consulting for increasing employees' fixation rate

  • Even if a company employed a highly skilled foreigner, he/she will not be able to fully peform with low motivation.
    • Prevent from mismatch at the employment stages.
    • Act over the formalities from informal job offer to entering the company.
    • Keep up the employees' motivation in the company and increase their job retention rate.
  • Phone-call and e-mail as needed.
  • Personal consultation (once in 2 months)

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