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About JobsWorld for all of Asia


Link Staff Co., Ltd was established in 1992, mainly focus on career support service in medical aspect. We are the top company in the industry with over 80% market share.

In 2003, we started a new business in Shanghai thanks to the extension of business. Recently we are corporating with private enterprises on the project of introducing Chinese medical practitioner to Japanese hospitals. We are proud of this archievement that we are the only one company, and this attracts mass media for interviews.

Low birth rate and aging problems have been leading to the decline in the number of science students that affects the research & development and sales & marketing industry because of the lack of human resources.

It is a trend that employing top-level foreigners in order to catch up with the competitiveness in the world.

About our service

[Service1] Job advertisement service.

We provide a platform on the internet for both job seekers and companies.

[Service2] Career Support Program

We reply to your email, answering your questions and concerns about job search, career change, how to prepare for job interview and create an impressive resume.

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